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August 1st 2017

Could not be more excited to announce I am now represented by Universal Talent Group!


June 1st 2017

The series “No Strings Attached” that I spent the earlier past of this year filming is almost finished post-production and will be presented to all the major US TV networks! Here is their website:

May 1st 2017

Very excited as “Crest Fallen,” a wonderfully written miniseries project which I filmed last summer in Pennsylvania, has been picked up by production company 20/20 Productions and will be available to stream and watch on Amazon Prime!


April 1st 2017

Have spent the past couple of months since being back in NYC working with my new manager who has been wonderful, and has gotten me some tremendous opportunities – a couple of feature films, AMC’s Turn, Seth Rogan’s new pilot. A couple of callbacks and near misses but that thats the name of the game. Making what I feel is a valiant move at the end of this month and moving back to London. The dream has always been to work between London and NYC/LA, so time to start planting some seeds and making my presence felt in LDN.

January 1st 2017

Gearing up to head back to NYC from the festive period break. Was cast in a new web series “Starlight” which I’ll be filming in late January. Also got some new headshots done while home in the UK. Excellent shoot working again with Tommy Cairns Photography.


November 1st 2016

I’ve been getting a lot of great audition opportunities over the last few weeks, and have been making some great connections with new casting directors. I was also cast in a short horror film “You, Me and It” with Hyperbolic Media, where I got to play the scary evil character! Was cast in a great role in the Gallery Players of Brooklyn production of A Few Good Men, but unfortunately it clashed with another project I’m doing over Christmas, was very disappointed but definitely would love to work with them in the future.

September 1st 2016

Things have been a little slower over the summer so I spent July and August taking some workshops with casting directors in order to work hands-on with the very people who can guide me in terms of improving my audition technique and of course to make those new connections. I also shot my episode of a new series “No Strings Attached” that I was cast in. This is a series devised from a novel from the very successful published writer Nancey Flowers who has many published fictional novels. Really fun shooting day over the weekend in Brooklyn and can’t wait to see the final product. Here’s a picture with myself and Nancey on-set.


July 1st 2016

Unfortunately I had a health issue and had to return home to the UK for the first few months of this year, but things have been going great since I returned in May. I shot a short film “Penny Talk” which I will be adding a clip to my reel. I just wrapped on a brilliant, multi-award-winning series “Crest Fallen” based in Philadelphia, which airs on Verizon Fios and Comcast channels on the east coast. I filmed an episode of my friend Jackie, who cast me in Letters To Quentin, webseries’ JM Nells (picture below), where I played a character well beyond the realms of my type. And finally, I will be finishing my scenes for the excellent miniseries “Invader Kim,” that I was cast in at the end of last year, in the next week! Busy times, good times.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.48.54 PM



January 1st 2016

Filming scenes for the miniseries “Invader Kim,” I am very excited about, think it’s going to come out beautifully! Busy auditioning for pilot season.

December 1st 2015

Have been working strongly for the past couple of months on updating my modelling portfolio, just uploading the new images! Got a great new acting headshot also!

September 1st 2015

Have spent the last few months taking workshops with Casting directors. Trying to get my face infront of the right people, who I should be working with! Had a fantastic audition for Gotham which resulted in great interest from the casting person but a very near miss!

August 2015

Started working with 90210 Talent Agency

June 1st 2015

Its been an extremely busy few months for work! Been taking acting classes, meeting as many casting directors and industry people as possible and getting new headshots. I just finished a production of Shakespeare’s AS YOU LIKE IT with Anon Productions. Performed in Central Park. Who doesn’t love a little Shakespeare in the park??


February 15th 2014

Just back from spending a few months home in Scotland working and travelling. Ready to get back to work!

October 1st 2014

Pretty successful past month, walking in NY Fashion week, and auditioning a lot. Some near misses with the acting stuff – multiple commercial callbacks but non-bookings, and then a callback with Hudson Warehouse Theatre Company who are a top class company in NYC, but again extremely narrowly missed out on the part. Still on the audition grind, still hustling.

September 1st 2014

Filmed this little 5 minute play in NYC for the National Theatre Of Scotland One-Act play competition! Check out the link:

August 20th 2014

New York Fashion week castings!! Performed a very successful workshop of “Not Since Adam.” Very happy with the results.

July 21st 2014

About to begin rehearsals for my next theatre production “Not Since Adam” with Grex Group Theatre Company. I performed with them in 2012, a leading part in their production of Moliere play “Pretentious Young Ladies.”

July 9th 2014

Busy few weeks getting back into my acting masterclass at MN studio. So glad to be back. Had some incredible commercial casting opportunities and a big fashion editorial opportunity. Also just got my new headshots retouched finally. See headshots page!

June 21st 2014

Trailer release for my “Company Of Heroes” commercial. I’m really happy with how it turned out, the production company did a great job:

June 2nd 2014

Been a really busy few weeks since the run of my show finished. Lots of auditions. Just shot my final episode of the online miniseries “Letters To Quentin” also. Will be focusing on several important things over the summer months: updating and rebooting my film reel, updating and rebuilding my modeling portfolio, taking workshops with casting directors in order to make my presence felt, and finally to return to Matt Newtons masterclass to keep on working on my skills and making new discoveries. It should be a really productive summer and I’m really excited.

May 15th 2014

First night of performance of “12 Things I Learned In My 20′s.” Went very well, was really satisfied with our performance collectively and the audience seemed to have a good time. Also, this past week, I started working with Across The Board Talent who I’m extremely happy to be with and massively excited to get going with. I think it’ll be a great partnership and it’s such a privilege to be represented by such a high class agency.


   May 5th 2014

I booked a really awesome acting gig, a commercial trailer for the very popular online video game “Company Of Heroes.” Several million people place this game so the booking was really substantial. It was also a shoot to create some version of myself as a character in the game. It has 2 players – an American soldier and a German soldier and I got to play the German! Shoot went really well and can’t wait to see the results! Check out the their website:


April 14th 2014

I’ve been working hard for the past several weeks on renewing my 01 Artists visa that allows me to work in the USA, so along with my regular work obligations and auditions, time has been extremely limited. I did however book a great part in a brand new play “12 Things I Learned In My 20′s” which I’ll be performing with Roots & Wings Theatrical. I actually get to play my character in my natural accent as well! I auditioned as an American…as always…and they asked me to do it Scottish, and liked it so much they re-wrote the character to be from Scotland. Anyway this will be on May 14th – 17th at Shetler Studios in midtown NYC. Really excited, first fill read-through tomorrow evening.




March 14th 2014

Just a little update on pretty much everything that’s going on. Everything is going great with Matt Newton’s masterclass, having such an amazing time working with such an elite group of actors who are all so nice, it makes it so easy to take those big risks and develop yourself as an actor. I love being pushed out of my comfort zone and this class is therefor a perfect experience for me. Secondly, filming starts on March 24th in the Hamptons here in NY for the feature film “Nick And Nicky.” All I can say is it’s going to be a fantastic production and should be incredibly entertaining and funny. Lastly, the webseries I’m currently filming, “Letters To Quentin,” is now on IMDB! See below link:


March 10th 2014

This past week has been enormously successful for auditions. I’ve had several film and commercial callbacks. I’m also very proud to say I booked a leading role in the feature film “Nick And Nicky” -

It’s incredibly funny, will be amazing to shoot, and the competition was stiff, so I feel great and I’m excited to work on the project.


March 9th 2014

Just finished shooting day 1 of a very unique webseries that I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of. Out of every acting job I’ve ever had and every production I’ve ever been a part of, I’ve never been lucky enough to perform in a project that so accurately captures the very delicate balance between funny, serious, sad, emotional, silly and intellectual. The series also explores some very significant issues of our modern society, all seen through the eyes of the lead character who tackles them with bravery and sincerity. I won’t say too much, except that I play an absolutely wonderful character who is the best friend of the lead character. The episodes will begin to be aired in real time over the spring and summer on a weekly basis. I can’t wait to keep working on the project, it’s so wonderful to play such a beautiful, complex character and be involved with such a great production. Stay tuned for more updates on our progress!



March 7th 2014

One of the key elements on my newly devised Master Plan was to join an acting class here in NYC where I could grow creatively, expand my skills and push myself out of my comfort zone. To me, being successful and being on top of it is all about one thing – “being in shape.” To be in shape physically, I go to the gym, do my spinning classes, lift weights, sprint, eat super clean, etc. To be in shape emotionally, I surround myself with people who have good hearts, good intentions, and who challenge me in every respect. I also try to have the courage to put myself out there as much as I can and try to open myself up and be vulnerable in situations where it scares me to do so. To be in shape spiritually, I pray, I sungaze (look it up), I try and connect with God. Anyway you get the point. What I wanted to do is get back in ridiculous shape creatively, and this means joining an acting class and being pushed and challenged and have a place where I can develop, take risks, and grow creatively as an actor.

So I looked into an acting coach here in NYC who came highly recommended, his name is Matt Newton. Matt has an acting studio called MN Acting studio and is known for being an extremely elite acting masterclass with a very small, select group of highly talented and skilled students who have in the past gone on to wonderful success.



March 5th 2014

Signed with Mint Management for modelling representation.


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